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4-hr Fishing Charter

A 4-hour private fishing charter will allow you to get a taste of what Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing is all about in North Florida near Gainesville, FL.

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6-hr Fishing Charter

This 6-hour private fishing charter will provide you a more in-depth experience of bass fishing on the Rodman Reservoir for trophy largemouth bass

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8-hr Fishing Charter

Our 8-hour private fishing charter is the ultimate outdoor experience when looking to catch a 10+ pound largemouth bass here in North Florida

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12-hr Fishing Charter

The 12-hour private fishing charter is for the die-hard angler looking to capitalize on the productive early morning and late afternoon bite all in one trip

About Rodman Reservoir Fishing & Tours

The Rodman Reservoir is one of the most unique, remote fishing destinations in North Florida. When looking to catch a trophy Florida largemouth bass, this fishery is the one that can help you accomplish that goal. When you are traveling to the northern region of Florida, explore this wonderful outdoor adventure with one of our local experts that will guide you through floating timber and river waters to some of the most beautiful bass fishing spots you can find. The Reservoir is a premier bass fishery that covers 9,500 acres and is roughly 15 miles long. Year after year, our professional captains land giant trophy largemouth bass here. A Rodman Reservoir Fishing trip can land you that fish of a lifetime right here in North Florida and leave you with memories that will last forever! Read More


Trip Core Details

  • Region: North Florida
  • Duration: 4, 6, 8, & 12 hrs
  • Cancellation: 48 hrs in advance
  • Weather: Full refund if Cancelled
  • Instant Online Confirmation
  • Includes All State Taxes

What's Included:

  • All Fishing Equipment
  • Professional Captain
  • Boat & Fuel
  • Cooler & Ice
  • Bottled water
  • Photos

Targeted Species:

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What's NOT Included:

  • Florida Freshwater Fishing License for those ages 16+
  • Live bait if desired is also additional and is purchased the morning of the trip. (optional)
  • Food, specialty beverages or snacks (Alcohol is permitted)


  • Fishing Chairs
  • GPS & Fishfinder
  • Life Jackets
  • Catch and Release Allowed
  • Keeping Fish Allowed within State Laws

About this Tour:

  • Boat Specs: 20+ ft
  • Boat Capacity: 4 People
  • All Fishing Equipment
  • Boat & Fuel
  • Photos

Fishing Techniques:

  • Light Tackle
  • Heavy Tackle
  • Livebait
  • Fly Fishing
  • Artificial Lures

Fishing Equipment:

  • Spinning Rods
  • Baitcasting Rods
  • Left & Right Handed
  • Fly Rods (request only)
  • Braid & Mono Line
What is Entailed:
  • Fishing beautiful North Florida on a boat fully equipped with top quality rods, reels, hooks, and artificial lures. 
  • Exploring state-ranked Rodman Reservoir in search of trophy largemouth bass, hard-fighting black crappie (speck) and so much more.
  • Guided fishing tour by a USCG professional fishing captain knowledgeable of North Florida and all of its waters. 
  • Take home a souvenir of your big catch with perfect photos taken by your guide and spread on social media as desired.
Local Operator Information:

Complete Operator information, including local telephone numbers for your destination, are included on your Confirmation email. Our Trip Managers select only the most experienced and reliable guides in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind.

Additional Information:
  • Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes, a light-colored shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Local Rodman Bass Fishing Guides

Meet the TEAM of local North Florida fishing guides, we know the best spots, baits, and techniques to give you the greatest fishing guides.

Capt Ken Walker

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Rodman Reservoir 9USCG Credential Verified

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Rodman Reservoir 11Angler’s Top Choice

Capt Ken Walker is a retired Airforce Veteran and now a full-time fishing guide in North Florida on the Rodman Reservoir known for his trophy-sized catches almost all year round  [Read More]

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Full Time
1 to 4 people

Capt David Lang

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Rodman Reservoir 9USCG Credential Verified

Rodman Reservoir 10Child Friendly

Rodman Reservoir 11Angler’s Top Choice

Captain David Lang is a part-time fishing guide here in North Florida specializing in both bass fishing and crappie (speck) fishing on the Rodman Reservoir and surrounding lakes [Read More]

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Full Time
1 to 4 people

Capt Peter Thliveros

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Rodman Reservoir 9USCG Credential Verified

Rodman Reservoir 10Child Friendly

Rodman Reservoir 11Angler’s Top Choice

Captain Peter “T” is a full-time fishing captain and retired professional tournament angler, who has toured for over 32 years winning several tournaments through the country  [Read More]

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Full Time
1 to 4 people

Current Rodman Reservoir Fishing Reports

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Awesome Rodman Reservoir Fishing for Florida Largemouth Bass

Awesome Rodman Reservoir Fishing The Rodman Reservoir is one of the best fisheries to catch big bass. Whether you are looking for that trophy or you are looking for quality, this is the place to visit. The Rodman Reservoir Drawdown is currently happening. As a result,...

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Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing During Drawdown 2019

Rodman Reservoir Bass Fishing During Drawdown 2019

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The Rodman Reservoir is located in Putnam County in Northeast Florida. This Reservoir is roughly 15 miles long covering over 9,500 acres. When discovering what Florida fisheries are best for trophy largemouth bass fishing, the Rodman Reservoir is at the top of the list. Being a true premiere bass fishing destination, you can catch the fish of a lifetime almost all year round. You can find this reservoir just south of Palatka, FL and near other cities including Gainesville, Florida.

The Reservoir was created when the Rodman dam was built across the Ocklawaha River back in 1968. A four-gate spillway known as the Kirkpatrick Damn now controls the water levels of this amazing reservoir. Each section of the reservoir has its own unique features that can be explored. Flooded woodlands can be experienced from the headwaters at Eureka Dam to Paynes Landing. Enjoy catching largemouth bass from floating vegetation and standing timber from Paynes Landing to Orange Springs. Between Orange Springs and Kirkpatrick Dam, you can find a pool section. This pool section includes a river channel and the Cross Florida Barge Canal, which harbors submerged and floating vegetation, partially submerged trees, and dead standing timber. Several sections of the Barge Canal and river channel have depths up to 30 feet.

Submerged vegetation including hydrilla, eelgrass, and coontail are common in pool sections. Every three to four years, the water management and FWC conduct a drawdown period. This helps for fish and wildlife enhancement and aquatic plant control. It also creates an incredible bass fishing experience that every outdoor angler should explore.



Rodman Reservoir Fishing in Florida is an outdoor activity that must be experienced. This Reservoir is legendary for the number of trophy bass it produces year after year. It is ranked consistently as one of the top ten best bass fishing lakes in the country. You can enjoy fishing with both artificial lures and live bait. Wild-caught live shiners is ultimately the bait of choice when looking to catch that trophy bass you have been after. 

When Rodman Reservoir Fishing for bass here in North Florida, you will be targeting several areas. Floating cover including water hyacinth and dollar weed mats are key areas. Underneath these mats, you will find some unsuspecting prey. Eelgrass, lily pads, and hydrilla are several other great options when searching to land fish. This beautiful waterway is a truly unique fishery to explore with many natural wonders. The Rodman Reservoir and Ocklawaha River are both freshwater fishing paradises for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

Largemouth bass may be the main target species when fishing the Rodman Reservoir, but you can catch a wide variety of fish. Enjoy landing black crappie or speck, bowfin, alligator gar, warmouth, bream, and more on your fishing adventure here in North Florida. Largemouth bass anglers can have success using not only live bait but also deep crankbaits and Carolina-rigged worms in deep river channels. Early morning and late evening topwater bites can be good near the flats along the river channels from Orange Springs to Eureka. Black crappie or speck fisherman can enjoy catching on live minnows or jigs along the edges of the barge canal. Near the Rodman Dam, you can find bream and warmouth stacked up in schools. The action is red hot on the Rodman Reservoir almost all year round. 


In order to promote longevity and protect the Reservoir’s ecosystem, a drawdown must occur. This period of time helps maintain the ecological health of the reservoir by removing unwanted vegetation as well as promoting new vegetation to grow. Each phase is integral in the process of creating a natural balance in this historical ecosystem.

When looking for the ultimate chance to catch that trophy largemouth bass, the drawdown period could be a fantastic time to do so. Our local experts have spent years of their life determining the best navigational route during not only the full pool but also drawdown. When fishing this destination during this time, you will get the chance to hook into some big Florida bass with standing timber all around you.

The process is simple, flood the reservoir to 20ft NGVD (National Geodetic Vertical Datum) then slowly lower it to 11ft NGVD for an extended period of time. This process allows floating hyacinths, pennywort, water lettuce, and etc to be broken from their roots and transported to shallow water creating a natural weed control.

Once the fish get acclimated to their new conditions, they begin to stack up in prime areas our local experts know. All you have to do is step aboard and enjoy a day on the water catching trophy bass. Take a picture and release the beautiful fish back into its habitat. Catch and Release is strictly enforced during the drawdown period to help continue to foster new fish populations during these times.

Why a Local Expert?

There are two main reasons why you should fish the Rodman Reservoir with a local expert: firstly, safe navigation and secondly, a local expert provides you with the best opportunity to land a trophy largemouth bass. 

All of our local experts and fishing guides come with full requirements from the United States Coast Guard. Years of professional experience in this fishery will provide you with an outstanding outdoor experience. Enjoy learning new techniques and methods of catching trophy largemouth bass. 

When exploring the Reservoir, whether during full pool or drawdown, be cautious of floating debris. When fishing the drawdown, you can most certainly have the best day of fishing for largemouth bass but it also can be hard to navigate. Hop on board with one of our local experts and they would love to show you around. They have years of experience when it comes to navigating this fishery during all conditions.  

If there is one place in the state of Florida that is open to the public that can grant the new state record catch, it is the Rodman Reservoir. This premier bass fishing destination is known for its incredible catches. Throughout the years, this reservoir produced a fish weighing in at 17.2 pounds with a length of 29.75 inches. It was just short of the official state record fish that weighed in at 17.27 pounds back in 1986. When trophy bass hunting, be sure to book multiple days on the water with one of our local experts and they will give you the best chance at landing that fish of your dreams.


Rodman Large Mouth Trip

We had the pleasure of spending the day on Rodman with Captain David Lang. We caught 11 large mouth with 3 over 5 pounds but more importantly we learned a lot and enjoyed the time spent with a very knowledgeable guide. I highly recommend David and I will be booking another trip with him soon.
- Keith Ellis

Blessed Day!

Had the privilege fishing with David Lang on 5/23/19. He knew the lake and where the big ones were! We had action all morning long and until the time we left. Was my first time Free lining BIG shiners and seeing just how much BIG bass liked them! Landed 16, lost just as many. Biggest was 8.2, smallest 3.5. 52.3 lbs of bass in the boat! Thanks so much David! I’ll be back sir! And again, thanks for your service to our great nation!
- Jeff Randolph

Rodman Reservoir

Had a blast with Capt. Ken Walker!!! Caught several trophy bass plus several smaller ones, would definitely recommend!!
- Trip1456987
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