freshwater fishing methods & where to catch them!

Explore our Freshwater Fishing Methods and Styles of Fishing that can help you catch freshwater species across the United States. Florida is the main hub for our freshwater fishing. You can easily access and apply almost every method of fishing listed below. Artificial and Live Bait Fishing methods are among the top ways to land that trophy or dream freshwater species, especially Largemouth Bass

Artificial Lure Fishing - Freshwater Fishing Methods

Artificial lures

The most popular freshwater fishing method for bass fisherman and tournament anglers to chase bass is with artificial lures, more than ever before. The reasons why can be summed up as follows, but more importantly we recognize the change and have a solution for you…Read More


Live Bait Fishing - Freshwater Fishing Methods

Live-bait Fishing

Looking for a big fish technique when largemouth & Peacock bass fishing?
Feed them nature’s candy, wild shiners or shad are the most productive and efficient way of catching trophy bass. Take these steps to consider this…READ MORE


Freshwater Fly Fishing - Freshwater Fishing Method

Fly Fishing

As fishermen and women alike we are so blessed to be living in Florida, known as the fishing “Capital of the world.” The overwhelming amount of fly fishing opportunities available to us throughout Florida would keep a fly fisherman busy for a lifetime and we would never have…Read More


Night Fishing in Florida - Freshwater Fishing Methods

Night Fishing

If you aren’t scared of the dark and enjoy night-time adventures, fishing at night may be for you. Night fishing is one of our most unique freshwater fishing methods to catch fish, especially in Florida. Bass fishing at night is nothing new, it dates back to the dawn of fishing…Read More


Shoreline Fishing in Florida - Freshwater Fishing Methods

Shoreline Fishing

Our shoreline fishing specializes in freshwater largemouth bassbluegillblack crappie, and shell cracker, but also have fishing holes with snook and tarpon available. Part of the shoreline fishing experience is going to different lakes to try your luck. These trips provide anglers… Read More

Pond Fishing in Florida - Freshwater Fishing Methods

Pond Fishing

Florida pond fishing has to be one of the more relaxing and at the same time one of the most exciting ways to catch bass in Florida. Once successful at pond fishing it promotes you to all other levels of fishing. You could even say Pond fishing is the ground ruts of fishing…Read More