Choose the Right Fishing Guide? 5 Reasons Why to Choose Us.

Dear Anglers, Readers and Future customers, we know choosing a fishing guide can be a diffcult thing to do. So this “Definitive Guide for Choosing the Right Fishing Charter Service” or guide service with the thousands of unbelievable choices out there will certainly help the process and ease the burden on you the customer. So take a look at our 20+ years of experience and see we formulated the “Top 10 best ways to pick a fishing charter and not to leave it to chance.

1.) It Starts with these 5 items?

Before you start browsing the internet for captain’s and charter boats, it’s important to know the destination, by doing this it provides all the options in that area. Then consider the type of charter you’re looking for. The industry in made of three categories of charters.

  •  Offshore or also known as deep sea fishing. This would be consider the most expensive and the most well known. Would be coastal only and take you in the ocean, not the best choice if you get seasick.
  •  Inshore or nearshore fishing, this is very popular and less expensive then offshore but still saltwater. Popular places are the Everglades, Lagoons, Intercoastal and Bayous.
  •  Freshwater, the most popular of all three. Its done on lakes, river and canals and provides the best wildlife viewing and is the least expensive of all three.

So all three completely different as well as big pricing differences. Every charter service is unique and most specialize in a certain style of fishing. Styles are consider the way you fish, Artificial lures, Live-bait and Fly-fishing are the most common. Consider these aspects for your trip and you can narrow down the decision making tremendously.

2.) Not all Online Websites are Reliable?

There are plenty of online fishing platforms now available, buyer beware. Stick your searching to reliable source like Expedia, TripAdvisor, AirBNB and others where they vet the captains, require larger insurance policy’s. The opposite has evolved in the fishing industry, there’s no less then 25 online listing websites that do not vet the captains. They might have safety emblems posted and say verified but that’s not vetting a captain. These sites are only interested in the commission from your sale, this is why that’s the only part they collect during booking! There are other types of online sites like Bass Online, where all the captains are exclusive. Not just hired to fill trips, but each one is voted on by the other guides in the system ensuring we keep a TEAM mentality and quality every-time.

3.) Check Online Reviews and Activity?

Great Online reviews are a game changer, especially ones from valid companies like TripAdvisor. But beware, not all reviews are real. But you can valid date them here. Look carefully at the dates of the reviews and the reviewer. Then search captains social media like Facebook, Instagram to see if dates match up with customers posted. While browsing social, look how often they post pictures of customers during a charter? Also are the customers tagged in the post. Count the days in-between post will tell you actually how often the captain is on the water.

4.) Lowest Price is NOT good in the fishing Industry!
Unfortunately because of the low cost of entry, there are plenty of anglers who operate as fishing guides. here are three reasons why?

  • Without validation licenses, NO liability insurance and lack of training it allows them to drop the price at the expense of your trip.
  • Majority of the times the inexpensive (cheap) anglers have old equipment, much cheaper and older boats with lack of safety equipment.
  • They don’t have any work, why is that? What you find is desperation has them offering a fire sale weekly.

These items and more lead up to discounting or being the least expensive option. If a charter seems surprisingly low in cost, don’t do it. All reputable and reliable charters are going to be about the same price which is consider to be the industry standard in that destination.

5.) Ask or Search Online for Certifications?

Captains license is a sign of commitment to the craft of fishing. Without a license the person or service is not committed to your overall experience. Would you use a surgeon or visit a doctor without a certification or license? Many US states also require a state license, both would be required and are there for your protection. If these are not valid…STOP.

6.) Ask about Seasons, Tackle & Techniques?

Many people over look fish species having seasons, because they migrate this is true in saltwater and freshwater. A good captain will be able to explain the species patterns and seasons. Beware of the captain that says yes to everything? Once you verify he or she and fish for your specific species, check there tackle, types of rods and reels. A down fall to discounting captains is they don’t replace there equipment every year. Check these facts to help determine your overall decision.

7.) Ask about Catch & Release and Conservation Techniques?

Make sure you’re captain is familiar with rules pertaining to each species you can keep and what the state or federal limits are. Also it’s your choice to keep or release a legal fish. If you want to partice catch and release, the captain souldn’t put the fish in his/her cooler. In offshore charters this happens often, where it’s a battle over who gets to keep the catches on board. In some areas it is customary for the captain to keep all catches that occur on his boat. This is not right or fair, but you should know ahead of time. There are also charters that pack your catch in ice chest and clean it back at the dock, some for free, some charge additional. Read up on your charter to avoid disappointed, it’s your choice and conservation is important to the sustainability of our fisheries..

8.) Don’t use a Concierge or Valet?

Why concierge and valet can be very helpful when picking a local restaurant in most all cases they are getting a commission. Fishing charters that are provided are not vetted and typically go to the highest bidder willing to pay the largest commission. A quick review on your phone will reveal the most qualified local charters. If you do get a concierge suggestion read up on that charter to avoid disappointed, it’s your choice, safety and vacation that’s on the line.

9.) Never Book on Dock or Walk up Marina?

Some captains will sit at the dock and try to engage passers-by in conversation, then sell them a trip. This typically occurs with deep-sea fishing charters across the country because there boats are docked in the water. This doesn’t necessarily make these captains a bad choice, but booking on the spot doesn’t give you time to research their reputation and if there sitting, then ask yourself why are they not out?

10.) Ask about Cancellation Policy?

The world is unpredictable and sometimes things come up that mean you have to cancel. It’s not your fault, and it’s not necessarily your problem even. Depending on the guide or charter service, they all have different policies. Many have a non-refundable policy, others have 30 days or 7 days from the booked date. The better more reliable companies have a 24 or 12 cancellation policy. Some offer full refund, while others only offer a partial refund. Every captain or service should have there cancellation policy clearly visible for you to read.

There are other reasons for cancellation that are out of your control, the captain had to cancel. This could be boat problems, sickness or weather. Again, if this happens, we’ll they want to move you to another date, pass you off to a friend, anything to keep from giving you a refund. Will or they willing to provide a full refund?

 The first “5” five reasons are listed to the right. The many fishing guides that you run across during your online search, VERY, VERY few will have these five basic certification. While they are not all reguired we are proud and believe this makes us a legit operating conpared to most. On the surface today with online presence everyone initially looks like they will meet your expectations and reward you with the right answers.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it. The trick and/or “key” to finding the best one for you is through online search and hours of hunting. You want to look for experienced, professionalize and personal guides, a guide that is educated about the industry, his local waters and you find this out by asking the right questions. With us, we feel that once you have done so, you will see that we meet and exceed all of the industry’s expectations and hopefully yours too. You simply don’t get to be Florida largest and most successful fishing guide service provider by mistake, it takes years of hard work, customer loyalty and quality guides.

Choose the Right Fishing Guide

Licensed Professional Guide Service

The first “5” five reasons are listed to the left. Of the many guide services that you run across in your online search, VERY, VERY few will have these five basic certification needed to be a legit operating guide services. On the surface you will find that most all of them will probably meet your initial expectations and reward you with the right answers to your fishing questions. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it. The trick and/or “key” to finding the best one for you is through online search and hours of hunting. You want to look for experienced, professionalize and personal guides, a guide that is educated about the industry, his local waters and you find this out by asking the right questions. With us, we feel that once you have done so, you will see that we meet and exceed all of the industry’s expectations and hopefully yours too. You simply don’t get to be Florida largest and most successful fishing guide service provider by mistake, it takes years of hard work, customer loyalty and quality guides.

Authorize.netOther things you may find while surfing the web, fishing services that have “flashy” websites, but unfortunately have very little updated content (this is a red flag). This shows you how little they are working! Others websites offer lots of promises and have actual little or no experience once you read in to them. Also be careful of the look and sound alike websites, the industry is small you will find many websites with our material, quotes, keywords and even pictures. Then there are the few chosen ones, that you will call to find out more about their services and they spend most of your time telling you how great they are, but share very little about what you will be experiencing on your trip. Lastly, you’ll inevitably run across those guides who fish tournaments on weekends and guide part-time. Beware, to be on the best fish you need to be on the water daily and unlike others with BASS online your hiring a team of fishing guides every time, not just one part-time angler. Lastly the biggest thing to look for is the big marinas with guide services that just funnel you through there system, they have no idea who your guide is going to be because they just hire a local angler when you call. A easy way to notice this is by them not listing any guides on there website, you will notice with bass online you can hand pic your guide and read about him in advance.

Part of choosing the right fishing guide service is finding out who is in your business and who is  just interest in booking the trip. Most have little regard in what you are really looking for in your fishing trip. With BASSonline you talk with a professional trained staff to make sure every detail meets your needs, we take personal responsibility for your overall fishing trip. Some services offer gimmicks but, “you get what you pay for”, and that’s particularly true with us. We raise the standard by starting the first ever “NO Fish, No Pay” policy.

As you go through this process of discovery and your determining factor comes to price, just remember that there are always other ways that you can budget and save. Why should the cost of your guide be the bargain? This person is ultimately Choose the Right Fishing Guide for Florida Fishingthe one responsible for your success and the planning of a memorable fishing trip. Over the years, we have learned from our customers who have brought these issues and other frustrations to our attention. We listen to our customers and we provide the very best service to make sure they have an incredible fishing adventure not only the first time they join us, but for many years to come. This is why we stand out from the rest, and why you should choose US over any others.

We fish 365 day a year, the right fishing guide service will be full-time professional guides. We have qualified anglers making a living in the sport they love. We eat, sleep and fish because we are passionate about it. We are professionals in our industry dedicated to doing one thing, and doing it well. No other guide service in Florida has more qualified full time guides and/or satisfied custimers then we do, and we can prove it.

We are fully insured for your safety and security. (Not many others are, the state does not require it.)This is why companies like the State of Florida, Bass Pro Shops, Disney and others use us. All of our guides are also licensed with the United States Coast Guard. Most of our boats are less than a 3 years old, with all safety equipment on board, and all of our fishing equipment is the very best, like G-Loomis, Colmic rods and Shimano, Revo reels. So our equipment will be dependable and reliable on your day of fishing.

We were the first guide service to offer a “guaranteed fish or no pay policy” as we said before. If for any reason we feel that your day of fishing is not up to our standard or is not going to meet your expectations. We would rather decline the trip than lead you on, and disappoint you in the end.

We eager and encourage you to check out some of the other Florida guides, and more importantly look at some of our customers posted here. We are confident that after looking at other websites, and even talking with others, you will give us a call back. We guarantee no other guide service will work as hard for you, to provide you a great fishing trip. Check out our website and look through our sister sites below, which only validates your decision to fish with us. We know you will feel confident in choosing us for your next Florida fishing trip.

Choosing the right fishing guide service is simply looing at what the company values:
Customer First — Our jobs and our company’s future come from YOU the customer.
Growth — We are committed to giving you the industry’s best service for fishing, because our growth depends on you.
Team — People make the difference when they work together as a knowledgeable, productive and motivated team with mutual respect for one another.
Reliability — Providing you with professional, punctual guides with cleaner, newer boats and upscale equipment.
Personality – Were all going to have bad days, but a great guide is a guide that makes a good day out of a bad day of fishing!
Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we look forward to talking and fishing with each and every one of you.
Founder, Owner and Fisherman

Choose the Right Fishing Guide

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